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95 % of traders lose; a Google search confirms this. Just do a search on Google with 95% of traders lose psychology ,95 % of traders lose money.They end up on forums as teachers to new traders , 95% losers hang around trading forums, and forums are infested with losers who advise new losers on the forums. These traders have lost money, are unsuccessful, don’t know how to trade successfully, are advising new forum traders on how to make money trading.There are threads which discuss 99 % of traders lose.Trading forums are essentially the blind leading the blind.There is some good stuff on forums, but to find like a needle in a haystack.

Do you ever feel the poster is nothing more than a quack? (I often acted like one in early days).

examples of quacks
Scalping makes money (we search on google and learn 99 % of day traders lose money).

every retail amateur has a edge (all amateurs have zero edge , systems have zero edge ,only brokers have spread edge)

I am candlestick price action trader( stochastics is a price action indicator)

One EA trading robot is adequate to make money( Mecedes factory uses over 1,000 robots).

Psychology is unimportant in trading( a headless chicken trades on my account)

There are 10,000 free systems , yet people are inventing more, yet 95 % lose (insanity is doing the same thing over and over again )

There are just some of the examples, but the thread is for lulz at useless discussions.Many people are just re-inventing the wheel.

What new traders can learn from this thread, is they need to ignore a lot of discussions and only follow quality factual discussions.

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