LorraineMor replies to: A Million ways to make Money!

So much true in this post.

When i see myself talking like CrucialPoint ( even with myself ) i know i see in the markets
something most others do not see ( i want to think so ).

When i see how price behaves to some patterns, which i havent seen anywhere in the forums ( it doesnt mean they are not somewhere ),
i really think there is something more above all the prices and s/r, etc.. Someone is saying where to go.. or its just nature (?), which is seen only in the moment when You have right set up.

Perhaps i will not understand what i wrote after i will reread it, but for sure i understand what i wrote in the time i wrote this



{quote} Here is my analogy between Professional traders versus Amateur traders. An amateur can only see limited things. Just like an Amateur painter when painting a vase. They can only see limited colors, and this is reflected through their work. The Amateur canvas would look like this picture below: {image} Now a Professional trader can see what the amateur cannot see. Just like a Professional painter can see millions of shadings and colors. They can see millions of colors, and this is reflected through their work. The Professional canvas would…

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