LorraineMor replies to: How can we avoid losing trades? – discussion thread

If you try to avoid loosing trades, it’s like trying to avoid car or any other unexpected, unwilling accidents in our life. It can’t possible totally. From time to time it will happen, you just have to accept it as it is in your mind in advance. Once you touch the steer of the car, you create or increase the possibility to get in accident no matter how well you drive. As Bill Williams said some other drive can crash to you despite of your driving experience. So when it happens you should find it like “negative feedback” of your system, not your “emotional, natural disability”. Just “correct” it and keep going until you will get less one.

It’s ridiculous to get upset for what your such resentful attitude will not gonna affect the situation whatsoever.

Think like an investor, Act as a speculator. Ferid H.

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