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{quote} Stuck in the middle with you. 15 Minute chart. {image}

If i able to ask.
You often mentioned “part close” after every new WRB appearing, that close higher then previous. I am very interesting how do you manage with what part of Lot to close. For example, right now i do next : 1 pt = Lot/7, 2 pt = “Lot size that left”/7 , 3 pt = “Lot size that left”/7 and so on. I gues that strategy show not bad result, but i am really uncomfortable with fact, that 1 pt have the biggest amout of Lot to close, but price move only 1 WRB from entry. For example, 1 pt will be 0.1 Lot with only 1 WRB from entry, and 5 pt will be 0.01 Lot to close with 5 WRB from entry.

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