LuizSchiavi replies to: I will code your EAs and Indicators for no charge

Dear ‘I will Code for Free..’ i have an excellent EA, it is not Mine..It is Blessings EA, but..few know how to trade it !! The single best Mod, is to allow the SMART engage after the 5th Trade, this is more potential for the Basket. instead of having to switch it on Manually..i am trading this EA for 10yrs now..near have it perfect as far as settings..2nd best mod would be for the EA to scalp high lot trades in the Basket, say after the 5th trade, or ANY Trades in the basket In Profit, I always do this Manually, and replace the trades with the Blessings works fine, But the EA will count those Trades as closed in Profit, and lower the value of the Basket, sometimes to the point of the Basket closing in Loss, if i have scalped that much, as does the Evolution EA, sometimes the Basket would not have closed for some time, and the Scalped Trades will pay the basket off !!
I trade the EA on the Daily only..MA_22 settings..22 days is ok, if yours studies your charts.. at first i use Martingale-1.0, then when my Account builds, 1.2, and Much Later-1.4. I use the 34EMA, Close Open, and High, and the 13 EMA, to Check Trend..i use the “Blessings will close with Profit” ANYTIME, I am “thinking AHEAD” about the Account Margin.. I do Not use the Grid Adjustment via ATR..standard Grid is Good! i take a fixed Profit, say..22pips, because this will Often cause the Basket Grid to take more trades..i tried it for yrs with “‘just 10 pips”, until i found out better..i do not use the Oldest trades-etc..None of that..neither the Hedge section, as it was never Perfected..Could be used to ”Trade both Ways” ie the Tramps FORUM writing, But His did not Trade it properly, as his used a D.D. limit ( trade both ways with one EA, and Smart GRID on for both sides of the trade is a WINNER..Defeated only by the Steepest Trend Indicator, then when in a Steep Trend, trade it only 1 way..i would not recommend Trading Blessings EA with less than 1500.00 cash 500-to-1, but then it will NEVER LOSE, UNLESS..your Luck is very bad!!I am starting with_1100.00 about June_7th..Vps_24/5 is a Must..and even then Watch Your EA, could even have an Indy to make it not take trades during News if the Smart Grid is off, and only 1 pair, if yours is scary.. Will somebody PLEASE HELP..make this EA really trade to its potential..i would buy Evolution, but 500.00, and can use on Only 1 Account-No!!EVOLUTION EA, is better than you ”think”, if one can attain the right Settings.. Spirit, i have Done, All i can do..everybody wants to Earn cash Monies, but..Nobody wants to help make the CORNBREAD..Henny Penny.. Blessings has more POTENTIAL, than ANY commonly known EA..Privately circulated Successful EA’s ABOUND, Nobody wants EVERYBODY to earn FOREX MONIES AT THE RETAIL LEVEL, EXCEPT A FEW LOVING PEOPLES !! Not even the Broker’s..All my sincere love, jimmy

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