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Hey People. I know this may sound strange, but I’m trying to find a simple sma cross ea that actually works… NOT A dual sma cross, but simply an ea that opens/closes/opens when price crosses and closes above or below the sma. That’s it. Anyone?

To interested

Any dual MA cross EA or Indicator can be uses as price cross MA – >> Set the fast MA as – (Fast Period =1, Fast Method = 0 = Simple MA, Fast Shift = 0, Fast Price = 0 = close) = current close price.

If any not understand – here further diagram explanation –…97#post9765697

The attached EA does not meet the OP requirements in that it is not fully automatic – others may find useful.

  1. The EA is semi-automatic.
  2. The EA can be set to take trades automatically on bar close across SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA and Kijun Sen.
  3. After the EA has take a trade the EA will disarm and need a click of Buy or Sell button to re-arm.
  4. The EA will not re-arm for a Buy trade if price is above the MA or Kijun Sen – The EA will not re-arm for a Sell trade if price is under the MA or Kijun Sen.
  5. The indicator can be disarmed by clicking the Flat button.
  6. The EA can set SL & TP.
  7. The EA does not close trades.

Note: The EA does not have trailing stop – the EA is a kind of forgotten rough and ready testing study, is on file and I don’t have time or interest to add trailing stop at present.

Order:Sell Lots:0.01 MA:EMA Period:50 Shift:0 SL:100 TP:1000

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Order:Sell Lots:0.01 Kijun Sen:KS Period:50 SL:100 TP:1000

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Click for Animation – Note: The red indicator showing – Lots | Points PnL | £ PnL – that appears on the chart when the trade opens is not part of the EA and not available on request.

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  1. The Stop and Limit Pending Orders features of MT4 are easily opened accidentally when trading or working on the chart.
  2. On shorter timeframes the opened pending order line can be off the visible area of the chart and the Trader unaware that an order is opened.
  3. If a pending order is accidentally opened the indicator will Alert constantly until a) the order is deleted b) the indicator alert switched to allow pending orders.

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