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{quote} Thank you ph2lsl for the quick work. You showed me you want to work hard. I will hep you become a better trader. I notice you use the TDI from Post#25, is this correct? It would be easy to move forward from here on. Be patient. I got to go now…. be back tomorrow London afternoon.

thanck you mister emmanuel
Im just want be profitabel because Im lose for very many years and never win with all systems Im tryed before.
Im use tdi from post 25 because Im see it at your ej chart you told me. Im just want do what you say because everytime Im do what Im want Im always lose. Im need good trader tell me how to do and you are good trader. If you say me what method Im should trade Im respect your rules.
me problem its Im have never a mentor
alone Im do mistakes everytime and Im always lose. thats what Im need good mentor tell me what do. if you say me use synergy tdi Im use synergy tdi, Im want use what you say and how you say with rules of you
Im desperate for help because Im try everything in forex in aproximate 10 years at trading but nothing its work for me never. Im not trader newbie like mister davit sayd, Im old trader but just Im loser trader
Im am grateful you want help me

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