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{quote} The main figures of this thread had nothing against your trading style. All you had to do is to ignore the one or ones who bothered you and keep posting what you know best. Could you please start doing that? My patience around the drama you carry with your posts slowly depletes. The professionals here don’t need applause or validation. Just post quality stuff and stay away from contributing troll behaviour that’s all we are asking for. Thanks.. Stay Green


I am far from a main figure of this thread, but I was immediately drawn to your trading style for two main reasons:

(1) Some of your early charts had VOLUME.

(2) You were using 2 min, 6 min, 12 min, and other “non-traditional” chart time frames. People in the know, and I, like the fact that you are forging your own path by using time frames most newbies aren’t capable of using.

What you fail to consider is that many people searching for success on FF use MT4. MT4 does not allow for the time frames you use. Therefore, some who want to like/try your method can’t. And while that is not an excuse for “blow-back”, it is a contributing factor for it.

None of the major figures in this thread have shown any malice or contempt for your posts. Most minor figures haven’t either. Post away. And if need be, let the “ignore” button become your new best friend.

We all lose at first; mainly because we think we’re smarter than PRICE.

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