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{quote} Take no notice of false trend lines etc…. The price now has dropped below 1.277 – Stop being blinded by false Forex theory’s of trend lines, angles etc. If the price wants to drop or rise, it will… No line will stop it. Trend lines don’t make the price move. The price does what it wants to do… No MA, trend line, Pivot will stop it… I’m saying nothing else.

Agreed, the price will do what the market wants it to do, agreed. I was just saying that you may want to wait out the bounce before getting in that is all. But it sure looks great fora great short as the % Longs is sitting at 98% (it was 100% yesterday).

BBliss, no rules of trend lines, just saying you may get a better price, as the price will bounce off the trend line or are you just gonna jump in without checking anything else to get the best entry. Plus how long has the price been going down now? It maybe due for a bounce up before it continues down again. I was just making people aware that is happening before they read my post and saw 100% Longs, and jumped into short positions blindly.

Trade safely

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