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OK, I am going to give this a try. I purchased and installed Advanced Currency Strength 28. I put it on USA/CAD m30, for no particular reason. Bernhard emailed me some templates, and I installed them, too.

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I assume the default template opens when I open a new chart….but I don’t know what to do with the rest of them.
So now my screen looks like this…

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I will be reading all I can about the system and the indicators, but there is an awful lot, and it seems no central place for it all. There is blogs, and posts, and manuals, and videos all over the place.

I assume the Advanced Currency Strength 28 indicator needs other indicators to form a system. I do not want to buy the dashboard yet (too expensive for me, as I am basically paying to do a 3 month demo) but I will when I am ready. Quick question, which is the next indicator to buy? How many, total, of Bernhard’s indicators (other than the DB) does it take to make a useful system?

Thanks for the help.

Marc — Saint Louis, MO — USA

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