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classy blast is my system ,it is totally my trading concept and i can’t program one of my forexfactory friend drago create CLASSYBLAST RSI2(check attaced link/image) this indicator for me AND IT IS AVAILABLE free for all .if you search google than you will see a lot of forum site using this indicators and my system all free but one man /guy/thief (i don’t know what i can say)still it and selling @ E-BAY which really hurt me /shocked me .i learned and take a lot from forexfactory forum/friends and i already told you i cant program and i am just a general trader and my CLASSYBLAST RSI2 IS ..TOTALLY ,UTTERLY FREE FOR ALL ..I AM NEVER EVER THOUGHT TO SELL IT but some one selling it without permission…i am.. so.. sad… AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO /SAY?????????????????…26#post8053226

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