MariaEduard replies to: Exotics (USD/TRY, USD/ZAR, USD/MXN, and others)


{quote} In addition, Central Bank must increase rates immediately..each day CB waits the cost of currency devaluation to the economy increases tremendously..if CB would have increased rates sufficiently according to inflation rates in April and July meetings, usdtry, inflation and interest rates would be 2 year gov bonds rate is ard. %22.4..sooner or later CB will be obliged to increase rates (%17.75 now), what is the point of waiting.. sooner is better to curb devaluation and also inflation..hope things get better soon

2 year gov bonds rate is %24.5 now..CB is still insisting in not raising rates and watching melt down of lira..

Criticizing wrong policies are not betrayal to the country but pursuing wrong policies deliberately and persistently is definitely betrayal to the people and to the country..i dont know why they are not taking’ interest rates are already guite higher than CB rates (%17.75)..

CB need to take action urgently..of course it must be also supported by good fiscal and diplomatic policies..

make your own analysis and decisions..just giving some perspective..

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