MariaEduard replies to: I have the secret ingredients but won’t tell you

My secret to make millions

Buy rice for 3 dollers a sack and sell it for 10 dollers a sack.

Now ive given you my secret can you make money.

If I gave this secret to 100 people 99 would call me a piece of shit a liar a cheat and much more.
1 maybe 2 would have explored the possibilities the detail .researched how a 1 man band could compete with the multinational the big boys.but those 1 or 2 would have discovered the advantages of being a 1 man band and how to best deal with the negatives from the effect of corporations somewhat cornering the market.but to there delight from the endless research and work put in. the advantages out weighted the disadvantages.

Using the information through discovering the advantages requires work and unfortunately most fail at this stage and sadly many take the secret information “terrible word lets lose secret”take a given piece of information and make it so complex and complicated they would use there time better researching the meaning of life.

Most things that work are generally based on very simple principles trading is not different. The problem being it requires a number of elements each with very simple solutions then combined as one ,this is were it appears to be complex .people tend to try and solve the whole which is not possible instead of breaking it down into the individual elements and then you have the whole.

Our minds complicate everything most successful people reduce things to the very simple

So my point being any information given will have no value to the majority but on occasion some will see the simple solution to something that looked so complex

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