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I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on Turkey (TUR). I decide to buy a little bit near the close today. Here’s what I’m thinking (from a technical standpoint anyway, i’m no political analyst).

I may try to dabble in the bonds on Mon/Tues. I hear 5-10yr paper can be had in the 20% range. That seems a bit excessive although with inflation running 15% or so maybe you could argue that’s no great bargain for the risk you’re taking. Their central bank has real issues as well as the treasury now being run by Erdogan’s son? Son in law? what was it? But even still I think they’ll figure out a way out of this.

Anyway on balance I find myself thinking a near term the bottom is in. Attached is the ETF and my thinking. On another note — Now might not be such a bad time to plan a trip to Turkey, everything just became 50% off (or more).

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