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{quote} You don’t really need it. Plus it is overpriced indicator. It works like moving average. Nothing fancy. You can clearly see that it does lag behind the price as others. Simple MA or EMA will do same thing. Or You can just get any kind of new moving averages that are available. They will do even better job but they will still lag. However it will be free and with source code. You don’t need to pay 98 USD for it. Like really…

Indicators, even they lag are helpful as long as you know how to use them.
The most successful trades just use an EMA (which is a lagging indicator)
If you study this system. All indicators used are lagging indicators.
Even the daily candle is a lagging indicator.
What matters is, you know how to use it and exploit it.
Check this forum and the most profitable systems use lagging indicators
I use lagging indicators and profitable with it

TMT Scalping System (Best system on FF)

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