Masterrmind replies to: Retail Brokers and “Trading Educators”


{quote} I saw him laughing with his lackeys at retail mugs at a conference years ago, and then sat through the biggest pile of BS as he hooked in the desperate to flog his courses. Early doors most of us can fall for this kind of thing. Now I can run rings around him but that’s a decade of experience later. It’s not my circus, not my monkeys so if you want to then go for it. I can guarantee however the basics you need you can find in a couple of books, and the info you’ll need to build on it wont be given.

You are on the right track here Triphop.

From what I have read in this thread thus far it is clear that the inexperienced traders remain rather vulnerable to deceptive marketing ploys by the ‘assumed’ successful traders.

Kriel is no different from any of the other trading marketers in my opinion.

Inflated ego, offering a few basic gems to the masses and then the ‘assumed’ golden nuggets are only possible via a paid subscription or course.

Its very very clear as to what his hidden agenda is; to make money and to take that money from the gullible.

I’ve seen his courses and there is nothing in there that you cannot get from a few high quality books and for a fraction of the price.

Personally, I have not, nor would I ever offer up a single dollar to his marketing ploys, I do not need too.

Let me say this very very simply … everyone really needs to do their own due diligence before parting with hard earned money.

At the end of the day if you feel the need to give your money away … Then Give Your Money Away.

Its always the traders choice in my opinion, afterall they learn from the mistakes they make and hopefully grow smarter from the experience.

Hint: How transparent of a trader is the “guru” ?

Good trading,


Master your Mind then Master your Trades

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