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{quote} i understand that sir. what i mean is, is there any way that user can change it in the INPUT sections? as now it’s already been coded in the MQ4 format

It can be done on the input section using a enum option list where the selected option is going to trigger the needed operation or whatever u want.

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enum options
option1=0, // will trigger <
option2 =1, // will trigger ==
option3=2 // will trigger >
extern options SelectOption = option1; //in the input menu

//and then later in the code:

Inserted Code

if(SelectOption==option1)if(iMA(_Symbol,PERIOD_M15,MA100,MA100S,MA100METHOD,MA100PRICE,i)<iMA(_Symbol,PERIOD_M15,MA200,MA200S,MA200METHOD,MA200PRICE,i)) execute whatever u want;
else if(SelectOption==option2)if(iMA(_Symbol,PERIOD_M15,MA100,MA100S,MA100METHOD,MA100PRICE,i)==iMA(_Symb ol,PERIOD_M15,MA200,MA200S,MA200METHOD,MA200PRICE,i)) execute whatever u want;
else if(SelectOption==option3)if(iMA(_Symbol,PERIOD_M15,MA100,MA100S,MA100METHOD,MA100PRICE,i)>iMA(_Symbol ,PERIOD_M15,MA200,MA200S,MA200METHOD,MA200PRICE,i)) execute whatever u want;

Hope this solve your problem.All the best.

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