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{quote} Mr MoneyZilla today is the 26th of April 1 month since our 12 month challenge as began. As i have said i will only post here 1 time each month my result Here my result so far. ensure you show your screen shot and provide your investor PW to the forum each month for verification. For no scamming will be allowed. You may change the PW afterward each month. Best you focus on trading and stop looking on dicks and posting rubbish as well for after 4 months you have 9%DD and 7% profit and i have 4.x%DD and 13% profit after 1 month note* i didn’t…

Good day forum and Moneyzilla. Today is 26th of May and I am someone who try my best to keep my word once spoken. For my word is what I live by. MoneyZilla you have yet to put up your 1 year challenge details for the gold forum to verify only mouth talk. So please do so since you are the one who have challenge me.

This month was a perfect trading win month for me, with DD being -1.53 and gain being 10.88%. Which mean I didn’t lost 1 trade this month with a perfect win record

My login details for the forum to verify Acc# 1660931 and Investor Password May26ZILLA
I also have my Explore attach.

10 Months to go MoneyZilla, you are free to back out at any time and save yourself from any further embarrassment. Or just take 5 pips trades, base on what you claim I do since 100-1000 pips trades are not working out for you. See you and the forum on the 26th of June for my next update. Have great weekend everyone.

Ronda we went to 1282.xx how is those buys doing? Pipsy you still hedging your 1354.xx buys as well?

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