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Well , 2 reviews about Scott Morris that I found easily on the Net :

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September 7th, 2015
” And this, in a nutshell, is Scott Morris. . and I have to say, speaking honestly, this type of individual makes my skin crawl, and it very much bothers me hearing anyone defend him by saying ‘hes a marketer’. I think the translation of this sentence, in this case, is ‘hes a liar, but an effective one, and willing to do so for financial gain’. I’m struggling to understand how this could possibly be tolerable,to anyone. Here is a man who knows, full well, that nothing he’s selling has any substance, worth, true predictive value. . and furthermore, that he is preying on the overly trusting, and knowingly hurting them financially, sometimes to an extreme degree. . and he has done this for YEARS, and only seems to be increasing the pace (I’ve stayed subscribed to his email list, for the same reasons that one slows down to view a car wreck. . . I find myself sickly fascinated).
I have zero tolerance for this type, and I felt the need to voice my opinion here. . . and I sincerely hope that actions like this are never tolerated under the umbrella of ‘marketing’. I don’t know how unique I am in this, but I can hardly think of a more ignoble and dishonest and manipulative act than aggressively marketing products you know full well will lose money for those who purchase it. As an individual, the best I can do is keep people like this at arm’s length, but I sincerely hope that someday he is prosecuted for his fraud. If this is what being in ‘marketing’ is like, I honestly don’t know how
those involved in such a pursuit can sleep soundly at night. . .”
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Monterey, CA

” Scott is an excellent marketer of garbage. He is now touting live seminars he charges several thousands for in both Austin and Vegas and says he limits his class to 15. Well 15 times $4000 for example, is $60,000! Do that once a month on top of your product sales and you have a heck of a business! He even does the video testimonials from class members, during the seminar, which as far as marketing goes, is extremely effective. I admire his marketing abilities. I don’t admire what he markets.”
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Boise, ID USA

I’m sorry Sailfish , you must be more careful , out there is full of sharks…

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