Matts Micro replies to: Capital Weightlifting Championship

Yesterdays trading conditions were good with nice technical moves. I managed to win 3* different 2:1 trades (2 accounts) and 1 loss which was taken by spread alone before falling over 100 pips (EN). I also missed a trade (AU) that I had been waiting for for a few days as it moved while I slept. I am expecting the conditions to remain good today for perhaps another win or two, though Draghi is the unknown. These are the conditions I refer to as confident- when the market moves in a technical way as expected.

It is nice when the market moves like this for a few weeks at a time and it is what I am hanging on to with this system. I am still trading the TE account though still a bit sloppily with not much management. If it burns I will start again. With a $200 start limit it is really only allowing a buffer zone of 1 level, perhaps 2 (though I am keeping the risk at $20 below $100) and that isn’t enough room for the system to move. In the random test spreadsheet it could often fall 2 levels and sometimes 3 (rarely) before really lifting off. It’s about having enough capital during quiet times to take advantage of good trading conditions. If I manage just one +3 net trade series from here I will be back to my starting balance.

As I have mentioned I am testing this system long term, as good trading conditions for extended periods don’t happen every day or month for that matter and it’s about being there for when they come along. That I am still in the game with the amount of losses I have had during the uncertainty of the markets is, I believe, a credit to the system. Once the Fed finally make up their mind and a few of the others can start making decisions; we could be in for a good trading year in 2016.

As the lights go by, so too do the shadows move.

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