Maxjoy replies to: European Traders – new ESMA regulations!


Hi Everyone, I would like to ask all EU traders on their opinion and views on incoming Leverage and Margin restrictions by ESMA. I personally think that this new rules will have negative impact on Retail Traders and are created to protect brokers, not us…however EU brokers will lose a lot or retail clients to overseas and unregulated counterparts if solution is not found. What’s your Plan B? {image}

Over the past year I have been with Dukascopy Europe, Tickmill UK and FXpro cyprus . My money was divided into 3 parts. Now I’m thinking of going To the Swiss Dukascopy, all my money. Reducing leverage to 1:30 on Forex will not be very convenient for me, although I will do 1: 50 on my own. FXpro Cyprus is not dependent on ESMA, but I would not advise, as the spread and Commission were worse by about 5-10% of the net profit compared to Dukascopy Europe and Tickmill uk. I liked Dukascopy in all plans, commissions and spreads, like Tickmill, which is very cheap. So today I asked technical support what will happen to the transactions that I opened in February and April (I’m not a day trader), when the leverage will be changed on August 1, if it will be applied to these transactions, including they will be closed stop out (not like it!)

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