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An addition to the list:

Reason Why Traders Lose Money ****************************
Beginner Traders 1. Not acquire the knowledge of Technical Analysis 2. Strategy follow macro/minor news – Go long/short position instantly after news announcement 3. Follow rumors 4. Emotions Trading – Hold earning position until become losing trades 5. Gambling Behavior – Anyhow entry & exit position randomly 6. No planning – No ideas what is going to do 7. No discipline – No follow plan, strategy & trade all games 8. No management – Do not care about capital protect & keep trying losing 9. No analysis – Do not have analysis about trend behavior, distant/range for time bar Intermediate Traders 1. Apply Technical Analysis in various situations – Anyhow use to fulfill a trade 2. Emotions Trading – To exit position early due to worry about trades could turn into losing case 3. Partial Planning – Do not have consistent growth of trading return ,with/without monitoring games strategy 4. No discipline – Do not follow plan, strategy & trade all games 5. No analysis – Do not have fully evidence to sustain the strategy works 6. No back-testing – Do not know the final return of strategy for long period of trading games 7. No management – Return drawdown sharply without hedging or capital protect

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