Milan replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!

“If i miss a trade, thats fine with me.”

YES, if sth. is UNLCEAR, just SKIP it.

GOOD attitude.


YES, the SM went for the INNER RANGE MT accumulation………..HOWEVER, we had FRESH DM SHORTIES in the market..

therefore, this is an inner range stop run in the DIRECTION of the new DM flow…..

BECAUSE the DM TOLERANCE was HIGH enough, SM PRIORITIZED that stop run (killing the DM LONGIES) OVER the plan to kill the shorties…

ALSO: LOOK at the Y-AXIS of the chart:

OLD DM LONGIES positioned there, trying to trade the breakout!

These were PRICED IN by doing the IR MT run…

AGAIN, SEVERAL goals reached with ONE move…..

REMEMBER: PB principle, DM tolerance principle, SM Boldness principle…..

It ain’t rocket science, but do NOT make it simpler than it is.

Also, do NOT compare apples to oranges.

A setup is not a setup.


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