milicentfx replies to: Compounding forex billionaires on forums

Math can describe the existence of something. Like Euclidean geometry can map out the area of a sphere, but it is NOT the sphere. Just as moving averages although apparently profitable eventually and always will take back the gains given. THAT is a mathematical certainty.

Ascertaining directional price momentum is to me the only way to describe what a profitable trader does. With the granularity of an m1 chart, there is a certain music that begins to play when a trend is reversing. You can develop a strong sense for the momentum of a reversing direction.

…And sorry to say, no you cant make billions with forex. The essential leverage that makes trading forex viable is actually imaginary, its not real, nobody is lending you 500k on a 1k deposit. The broker facilitates your trade with the help of liquidity backers, but they all have their limits. You wont find a broker letting you trade at $100k per pip unless of course you have funds to back up your losses. But then that makes the leverage is void.

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