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{quote} Dear Bobby , Thanks for your reply and sorry if I bother you with my questions. I didn’t mean that I couldn’t find your trades , maybe I haven’t been able to explain my meanings well because of my poor english. Infact I wasn’t able to find your rules exactly for these entries . As I see in your entries the MTF STO is below the 50 line and the CTF is moving up and down during your entries and it made me confused to find the rules for your entries. Anyway Thanks again for your reply and wish you green pips.

It wasn’t your question that bothered me. Nobody posts in the thread but I get 10 PM’s a day from people who never participate in the thread asking me about rules that are already written, with examples, and they’re looking at the every trade on the TE and trying to find them up on their charts and, hey bobby I found some trades that don’t match my charts, what’s up with that?, …………..What the hell do we have a thread for if my phone is buzzing with PMs all day?

I don’t have a problem with people asking questions, and an even less problem with language barriers. People come here, download the template and indicator but don’t bother reading the thread. That bothers me.

Don’t worry about it. We’re good. But please post your trading questions here. Maybe someone else has an opinion too.

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