Mitiblotch replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!


At the beginning of this thread, most ppl. thought it is all MADE UP and that there would be an agenda.

THEN, with more and more evidence given, most of these critics CONVERTED to supporters.

By now, we already have a nice team here with:

– some ppl completely understanding the value of what they see
– some ppl starting to understand
– some ppl still learning
– some ppl still doubting but observing

That is fine.

Whether you like it or not, you should rather give some CREDIT that I did NOT back down,
but instead took on the BROKER TROLLS head on.

I HATE to fight, but I will stand my ground, and I did.

This is for YOU.

Thanks god, it looks like FF realized that this thread brings them NICE internet traffic and new members.
Hence, they BENEFIT from that.
They also realized that my approach is professional.

This is the reason why this here still exists.
Now, as many know, various offences were launched against me, and some of the damage still needs to be repaired. Ppl are on it and it should be done soon.

Regarding the community;
well, at least more and more ppl actually DO homework, and also to minimum standards.

You can work WELL with what I did so far and what I am currently still doing.
Many understood that by now.

Stay safe,

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