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I have 75 eas on another journal , this one is a trade copier journal.It copies only trades per instrument per day. it copies from the 75 expert advisors.

Just trialing my trade copier trades. I am just giving an idea of why people use trade copiers , and why I am trialing them. I only want my experts to take only 2 trades daily per instrument.


Good profitable EAS are not sold, the owners of the EAS will usually rent out the eas , for a monthly fee .A good profitable ea can be worth millions of dollars, because some major bank like Goldman Sachs can charge billions in fund management, they can find investors for trillions of dollars.Good profitable eas are worth billions $ in profit.Nobody is going to sell a profitable EA.The renter gets a trade copier EA , to copy trades from the expert advisor renter, it copies the trades of the profitable EAS.

Attached a free trade copiers for learning.


Trade copiers are used mostly by account managers. The main purpose of MT4 Trade Copier is to copy trades from the master Metatrader account(s) to a number of slave Metatrader accounts.A trade copier is simply a piece of software used to copy trades across multiple trading accounts. Place trades ON one MetaTrader account simultaneously and open the same trades across multiple trading plaforms.

It is working fine

simple free trade copier here (I use my own professional versions).

free download


Open two separate metatrader accounts, place same ea in experts folder.Reboot mt4 platforms , place ea as a slave on one platform , same ea as a master on another platform.

Place manual trades on master account , they will be copied on slave account.

If deal was closed on master-account, close it on slave-account

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