mlawson71 replies to: How to Become Emotionless


{quote} I agree. Have you managed to develop a trading plan of your own? I admit that I have one but it’s not very detailed.

I think each trader has to figure out their sweet spot on how much planning it needs and how strict you want to be. Some traders are better with a soft structure and other with a very strict approach.

I think it’s Denise Shull that describes your approach to trading is the same as how you approach authority figures in your life.
If you had a strict childhood and you have been very anti-strict (a bunch of conflict with parents etc. in your early life) from a logical standpoint it would make sense not to be as structured in your trading plan, because subconsciously you will try and go against the plan, which would create even more internal/mental struggle.

However, if you had a strict upbringing, and you were doing great in that environment, a strict approach to trading might not be a bad idea. Just like most things in life, it’s not that black and white and each trader needs to figure this out by trail and error.

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