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This post I hope reaches out to those that are on contemplating on quitting the markets, Don’t. You started for a reason, don’t give up on that reason and embrace the difficult times the market has in store for you. Like Winston Churchill once said, “Success is walking from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” You are working on developing a set of skills that may take you 5 years to become proficient in that will generate you income for the next 50 years. If you ever feel like quitting, reach out to me. Let’s talk. I know that feeling….

Fact is only 2% of retail traders will make it.

For many of us retailers this forex thing is nothing more than a social gathering. IF you happen to break even over the years youve won.

but thats jot a career. A career in forex means being right 90%+. Knowing entries and targets to within a few pips. Impossible? No. Extremely difficult and no education on the net for it? Correct.

Only people making money is SCAMMING FOREX EDUCTORS that claim they make money and sell the idea of it to us.

Thats the truth. It should be against the law to educate anything unless government accredited. The re hashing of crap indicators time and time again and yet we continue to pay for em and use em and lose accounts.

Why? Social needs and gambling addictions.

Should you give up?
yes. Can you? Probably not.

You will lose all your money. Most likely. Unless you can master technical trading (volume, orderflow)

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