MLeslie replies to: Price is everything


Yes, unquestionably, price is everything. Forex is the over the counter market where we currency exchange traders are trying to earn money from the currency exchanges. Whenever we are engaging in any trade, we are basically trying to make money from the changes in the prices of currencies. And traders are using various technical and fundamental analysis to forecasts the future market price and act accordingly to make profit from the price fluctuations. And I am thanking to you that you have raised an important thread.

i dont get it.

price is everything in trading?

do you mean price ACTION or the actual price?

because the actual price means NOTHING. If euro dollar goes to 1.0900 are you going to buy or sell?
what is it went to 1.2000 are you going to buy or sell?

im pretty sure you mean ACTION. but just have to say how wrong the statement “price is everything” is for trading.

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