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Lemercenaire, when you have a moment again, won’t you please look at my DAX-H1 chart attached and help me to understand an issue that I simply am battling with?

Starting with candle “A” at my open, it first goes UP and then descended through open price which was 12647 and it ran down for some 36 pips before it closed for 22 pips.

Candle B took the price down to 12582 and took out my TP for +50. It then also reverses and went all the way up passed candle A’s Open price, before it receded to close @ 12639. ( Have I switched to M-15, I could have taken that long within the spike marked “B”, but that is not my point of discussion right now.)

Candle “C” then went up for some 10 pips and receded through its open @ 12639 ( Black line ending at “G”) – Was entry legit for short?

Candle “D” has a 14 pip wick and seeing that we had Higher Lows, I decided to trade the open of the candle marked with a Black-line.

Candle “E” came down to -1 while my Stop was still unaffected and my concern was that I misread this entry, but luckily for me, it did not take me out and ended up with a good profit.

Candle “F” has a spike of 17 pips and once again taking M-15 into consideration, I took that short at the open of that candle – marked in Yellow.

Kindly critique the above at your convenience please.

Continued success to you.

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