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In a big view H4 (for 1 week maybe) my pivots points say that a down correction is coming but at this moment not enough for downtrend. Let see if the correction is enough powefull for a change of trend, at this moment the trend is still long. maybe will reach the 130 level after go the support zone around the 127 level (at this point we need the confirmation of a down trend or maybe just a big down correction).
RSI-TC – Waiting for the confirmation of the downtrend.
Avramis – Still long but down corrections.
Pivot points – A big down correction is coming.

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In short view M15 (today and tomorrow) my pivots points say that it will come corrections for both side keeping a small long, btw a reversal is very possible at the end. maybe will play with 130 level before see a reversal.
RSI-TC – Corrections for both sides.
Avramis – Neutral trend or maybe the beginning of the reversal
Pivot points – Corrections for bothsides but keeping an small uptrend.

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