moodybot replies to: TRADING CONTEST: Party 1 (FractalFreak) VS Party 2 (redoktober

Party 1 (FractalFreak) VS Party 2 (redoktober, dukas_trader, pooh123, braintheboss)

I have received a lot of attention regarding my famous thread on FX market manipulation.
Most feedback was positive, but for some reason, some nasty guys decided to battle me, this in a very nasty and unfair way and without any basis. All I did is to give FREE knowledge you can find nowhere else. See here:

Funny enough, these guys from Party 2 did not contribute anything of value to this fourm themselves and do not even seem to trade anymore. Well, if that is not true, then PROVE it by accepting this challenge!

Ok, to make a long story short, after the DOCUMENTED illegal offences that have been committed against me (example here:…768090&page=54), this WITHOUT any basis (going beyond nasty curses and false allegations), my original plan was to at least take one of the persons (see Party 2 list) to court and to establish a reference case for internet defamation, this for everyone here to see.
However, rather than taking this battle to court,
why don’t we take it to the MARKETS instead?

Enough talking, guys!
That way, everybody here can also learn something and we contribute VALUE to this forum and its members.
So let us BATTLE it out in the MARKETS!
See the rules below. If you want to propose alternative rules, please post your proposals here.

Competing Parties:

Party 1:
– FractalFreak only

Party 2:
– redoktober
– dukas_trader
– pooh123
– braintheboss
– G. Kad
– ALSO others if you want…but you need to state WHO before)

– We agree on 3 neutral referees here.
– We agree on at least 8 different FX pais.
– We post our predictions on ALL these pairs every 3 days in THIS thread, before an agreed time (missing it will lead to MINUS points).
– Both parties are OBLIGED to express their predictions for ALL the agreed pairs before the 3 day deadline (you do NOT need to trade it if you cannot or don’t want to)
– time period is defined (i.e. 3 months…..explicit FINAL DEADLINE)


– need to leave forexfactory for at least 12 months
– need to donate at least USD 300 to charity each (and post proof..charities will be agreed on before)
– obliged to delete all forexfactory posts to date against the other party (attacks, insults etc.) within 5 days after final deadline

– can keep all as it is

Guys, please POST this into their laughable “scammer thread”, so they can see it (they banned me from there).

If you are not willing to participate or if you just ignore this here, then REMAIN SILENT; you are just a cheap TALKER without any substance.
If you believe that my work is not right, then you should be keen on taking on the challenge.
DON’T be a snow flake!

Stay safe,

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