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{quote} Evidently i have an old build and i don’t know improvements you made last months Anyway if you fixed that kind of loops and still slow should be for iClose and rest of that kind of methods. Its faster use CopyXXX methods. Limit number of bars calculated is other way. An EA using MAs dont need more 250 bars of preroll

ahahha, yes so i think this need limit for calc bar then, Brother.
for long time i also break for see the code, Btw Brother, so still no much correction in the dashboard.
i see in other tool have nice update and correction, that also make me interest for see the update, what the scenario in market.
and start to see the code again, after long time, but still learn again, ahaha


Ding dong. How are you doing. Separate currency flat profit list, separate currency flat loss list, separate currency close position transaction. I hope you can fix it. When we are doing long currency trading. cannot be handled singly. Hope to get your amendment. Thank you. {image}

hi, what wrong with the tool Brother ?
u can explanation what u want, or what the error ?
so, i can catch what u need then, Brother.

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