mrdfx replies to: ALL Commercial Members Read Here First!


Great thread, excellent observation and comments. I see more and more people recognizing and voicing about the problems here on FF If they had a Scammer forum, and moved posts there as quickly as they move posts out of the trading system thread, that would be a start. That’s all I want to say, and OH –> https://neilgroomforexfactory.wordpr…exfactory-com/


{quote} It’s evil scum like though …… Sad pathetic 66 year old who just goes around this forum posting just to get some subscribers…. Evil and twisted. What do you offer this forum… Nothing better to do then you’re evil sidekick Stimpy. Banned from the forum and so you just take it out on me…. What a pathetic old man.. Anyway let them look at all the shit he posts… No skin off nose… Every one here is realizing you’re just a waste of space. Like Erebus above I have never, ever come across such low lives on this forum. They must just…

Guys lets please keep things tidy and on topic in this thread, thanks.

Do the opposite of the 95% and be part of the 5%.

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