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Hey guys so what do you think is the best way to attract investors to invest in you? I mean lets say for example that you have a successful strategy, and you have over 6-12+ months of verified trading history showing good stable monthly growth, smooth EC, low DD, how can you attract investors to invest in your trading, and strategy? Would you suggest that they open a PAMM account, and then investors can invest in their PAMM, or is there another better way to better attract investors? If you wanted to take your trading, and expertise to the next…

PAMM is a great way to get your feet wet.

And…slowly build up your own accounts with a commission base – clone trades to your account.

There is always the Prop Trader route…some offer Forex…but this is a fucking TERRIBLE way to go, IMO.

When you are tripping with your own cash and you lose a couple bucks, you can lick wounds and move on. When you are tripping OPM, there’s a whole new line of pressure that kicks in. Every day you win, for others is moderate. Lose $10 and you have robbed their kids from being able to go to college.


And when you are working with management, there are restrictions that may impact your overall performance, because what others deem as acceptable, may not be the same as what you do.

PAMM removes this…you are separated from client and just collect a modest fee for your trades being cloned. There are some restrictions that are applied to the account, typically by way of margin, but depending on what you require, might be fine…

Building your own portfolio, you can make a few bucks on being an IB and direct bill customers monthly/bi-monthly and use trade clone software to manage all accounts. This does require a little investment into either working cloud based – for security on power and internet connection, and/or build your own machine, get redundant internet services in the event one goes down and set up a company…you can write a lot of shit off doing this, but you have to make first and show others after. This does have it’s complications, but if you find a good account manager, they will not only help you in the billing department, but also find you additional clients to build your bank.




Work with family or close friends as clients or investors.

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