MrGreen95 replies to: Trading is as simple as 1-2-3


{quote} @Lem i’d like to know your thoughts too 🙂

Usually you’ll have other information that will guide you. First port of call would be the H4 tf perhaps. What’s happening up there? Where is price in relation to the ADR?

What time of day is it? You get the picture. I use Supply + Demand. Others, maybe pivots or support and resistance. Even fibs can prove very useful.

However, that’s all more about what to do to stay out of a trend or bad beat. What you’re asking about is if you are in a trade and it turns into a trend, I take it?

In that case, I personally will counter-trade my way out of it, just as I do in my other methods.

Alternatively, cut your losses and wait for a re-entry, it’s not rocket science. If you have hit a stop, then at least then any temptation to enter on the next High that has no doubt formed will now be tempered by the additional price action you have seen and are seeing now.

If you are unsure of having reached a top-out, then simply wait and go in on either a HOLO that will probably follow, or a retrace move after the original 1-2-3 entry.

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