MrPresident replies to: EURUSD

The USD index remained softer following the prior day’s declines in close proximity of the 94.00 level to the benefit of its major counterparts. As such, EUR/USD held on to the majority of its recent advances and eyeballing the 1.1700 handle also weighting EUR/USD is reports that US President Trump is to proceed on metal tariffs on Canada, Mexico and EU which could be announced later today.

Option expiries of note for today’s 15:00 BST:
EUR/USD: 1.1600 (1.4 BLN), 1.1650 (1.8 BLN), 1.1700 (2.2 BLN), 1.1720-25 (1.9 BLN) and 1.1745-50 (1.8 BLN).

Got in long @1.1639 Tuesdays high looking for a 1st target @ 1.1828 and a 2nd target @ 1.2000 .

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