Msmaximus replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!

By far the most polarizing thread ever!!!
Its good to have discussion like this different opinions and diferrents views on the same subject ( sorry for my broken english), we all make choices, we all learn by mistakes, the best way to go around in any subject is to do your own research dont follow blindly and try to see things in your own way, doesnt exist absolute trues, you need to learn how to filter and take the best of every teaching.
So i say thanks FF for share his own view on the market , and i also say thanks to Veefx tho share his own.
This is a interisting thread and make u retink your aproach of the market, only in the last year i make some money out of forex, not big just enough to become really happy about myself, small amounts, the market even that is manipulated , that i believe for sure it is , the questions is how i can be profitable? doenst matter the rest, i can know alll the inside information but if i still dont make profit from it, again doenst matter. I have my own way of getting my profit from the market, but knowledge is knowledge.
So again i really apreciate your inputs and i like your videos, some things i have the same opinions in others i dont, but still i respect and still learn, the biggest mistake u can do is tinking that u have all the knowledge, we need to keep improving always!
Respect every one opinions and try to learn from it!!!
Love to FF and to Veefx

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