mw108 replies to: Rakuten Australia? E-Commerce branch as a Forex Broker?


{quote} What is your experience so far?

I just deposit $50, so far so good.

The execution speed is fast, about 0.01 to 0.05 second, which is 10 to 50ms.
Spread is tight, for example when you’re hedging a position, you don’t even notice the floating loss/profit moves much.
Quick response in customer service, I guess because they are new company, there aren’t much client to serve at the moment.

What I don’t like about is that, months ago they were offering leverage of 400:1. Yet they cancel it, now max leverage of 100:1.
Though they claim leverage of 400:1 will be back soon in their official page.

Second is, they claims to offer swap free account months ago even for non-muslim client, which they have changed their policy now!

Lastly, they don’t offer the option, “Close by”. I believe their spread is incredible low, I can understand it. But with hedging strategy, I strongly rely on this feature.

That’s for now, I haven’t gone into the part of withdrawal, will update soon.

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