MXT replies to: EURUSD Only

Some thoughts on the Euro(zone):

– Iran situation:
less oil = higher oil price, good for US fracking industrie = stronger Dollar
EU opposing US in the Iran situation (less trust in the Euro)

– US Inflation Index:
is nonsense. Does not include food, energy, housing. Fake number, false unrealistic and unreliable

– USD:
Record gains for the USD against TRY (Turkish Lira), ARS (Argentinian Peso), IRR (Iranian Rial) and others. Technicly the USD gains a lot of strength and it wont drop. TA does not apply here, the USDX only measures against some majors, not all the minors and exotics and the USD gains across the board.
Also money flows back into cash (less trust in Stox and Futures) further strengthening the USD.

– Spain (owned by Blackrock) / Catalonia
unsolved, even if nobody speaks about it anymore the conflict is still ongoing (less trust in the Euro)

– Italy:
Jeeeesus Christ…. (less trust in the Euro)

– Portugal:
is super weak and would “be next”, maybe even before Spain

– Germany and France:
all I can say is people are sick and tired and the tension is rising

– Greece:
personal property of Goldman Sachs. Gained 1% growth, hurra… still looks on a 24% downer… good joke.

– ECB: (personal property of the FED)
somehow I smell a lot of desperation there. I have no trust in them knowing what to do. I think they “let it happen”, because there is literaly nothing that could be done to stop this train, once it is set into motion, and I think it is already moving…
It will happen and they know it. The usual solution was “lower rates, print money”. Well, that’s out. What now?
the alcoholic is dying!

these are very dangerous times and I seriously hope I am wrong. It will not hit the very rich. It will hit us, and it will hit hard.
very greedy people have great interest in a very unstable Europe and I think the stage is set
Basicly we are a chessboard, and there is others playing chess on us.

edit: forgot to mentiion: collapse of Deutsche Bank, soon (2019/20).
Mary had a little lamb, named “Deutsche”

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