MXT replies to: Protect your eyes | Screen brightness adjustment!

I know most people that have no problems with their eyes won’t have any use for this, infact they would think ‘my eyes are great and can witstand anything’.

That was me a few years ago, and until recently i noticed my eyes started getting a bit squinty and getting sensetive about the screen brightness.

Your eyes are only able to endure so much for so long until you get these symptoms.

I’ve been using this screendimmer for a while now and my eyes feel a lot lighter and don’t feel the need to squint or get strained for staring too long at my screen.

All i’m trying to say here is be aware and act upon things rather than think ‘oh it is never going to happen to me’ before it’s too late.

Ps. i’m not selling anything here other than creating awareness, so it’s every person to himself.

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