newhope replies to: EURUSD Only


{quote} It went 70 pips against it, before earning the 25 pips from your starting points…

What starting point?
Did I gave a buy/sell signal for first time in my life…without knowing?

I have my Vacuum Tube’s Theory – If you dont know what it is, dont trade it…but simply stating fill level does not mean you take it as signal to jump straight in. This is just a compass – that this level will be revisited soon or later … just as a Gap. (I hope you’ve heard about GAP theory)

This was my Level call:
I see the following TGTs plausible – 1.1617, extended -1.1594…

First TGT got hit and PA canged to Bull, I went long. Now we back to second level – never trade one indicator or signal as standalone system!

Hope that clarifies it and helps in your trading.

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