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The full mq4-mq5 files are encrypted and saved inside ex4-ex5 files!!! Who created the encryption algorithm have the key to your source code ,comments included.
Time to build your own platform outside MT4-MT5 in a dedicated PC,MT4 can hack u if sharing the same PC.
Read carefully all the information provided,this thread may save you from future losses.

First of all i need to specify that my approach to the markets is pure mathematic based on quantitative analysis.
The true numbers in retail world are : 3 traders constantly profitable vs 5000 struggling (ex brokerage testimonials who accessed thousands of trading accounts).The winning ratio is around 0.06%.The 3-5% is a statistic number in the institutional world.I am only talking about being constantly profitable.

Retails are 17% of the market and they are very valuable source of income for institutions in order to cover trade cost transactions and to improve their business efficiency.Who said they are not hunting retail stops because they are too small need to think twice.We living in a world where efficiency is required and pushed to the max limits with algorithms specific designed for the job.They will pickpocket u to the last dollar.

The well known Anton Kreil in a video on YouTube explain the relationship between brokers and investment banks.They are only facade,simple intermediars for the investment banks, with the single purpose of recruitment as many clients as they can and to “educate” them with webinars, courses,books, free tools, with the promise of fast wealth etc.Do u ever wonder who programmed all the indicators and why somebody is giving you a free loan (no interests) and a bonus and why the market is always moving against your entry giving u the sensation that somebody can read your mind as soon as u push the buy sell button ??

The Market Makers really can read your mind and i’ll explain how they do it.
In order to move the market on a certain price level the MM need to know the exact position of as many traders as possible to see if the move could be profitable or not.They know the exact position of who placed limit orders and stop losses but this is not enough.Most of the smart traders understand the risk of showing their hand and avoid this type of static orders and builds systems which generates dynamic orders based on different market conditions.How can they anticipate where this group of traders are going to take part of the action?This is the dirty job done by brokerage.

This is related to MT4-Mt5 but is going to be done by every other platform.Brokerage robots can easily read the generated parameters of your expert or indicator directly from the MT$ memory but this will not give them too much information about where your system is going to trigger an order.So they need the source code.Reverse engineering the compiled code everytime the trader is making modifications is a bit complicated,would be a lot easier for robots to directly read the source code and to understand what is going to trigger an order and where will be the SL and TP.Stealing the source code in compilation phase cannot be done if the programmer uses to compile on another machine different from where the MT4 is located and maybe without internet access(a safe environement).The only remaining solution…packing the source code inside the ex4 file and then encrypting the entire file , using a strong encryption algorithm and saving the decryption key inside the ex4 file.

If the brokerage robots are going to have and run the code,or if the brokerage robot programmed inside the terminal.exe can read the code and can calculate in real time how much the price need to move in order to reproduce the market conditions that are triggering the order, will generate a virtual order based on the intention to trade at the price they anticipated for the strategy.This order will be pushed to the brokerage and then to the Market Makers.Now the circle is closed and is time for action.

Metatrader didn’t released any information about the generated ex4 format and what data contain.
quoted from



Metatrader 4 EX4 is a closed file format of MetaQuotes company, used as compiled Expert Advisor (trading program inside Metatrader 4) or Metatrader 4 library output binaries.
Looking for any information, at first, if you know something about licensing requirements or whatever, because no information available on web and it is not so easy to communicate with MetaQuotes directly.
Looking for someone who already worked inside MetaQuotes or a Broker’s IT branch or anything and can give me a full file format specification somehow.
Or, alternatively, looking for a company who sells a licence of EX4 format specification.

The source code is packed inside the ex4-ex5 file.If the code wasn’t there is impossible for metatrader to detect the exact column and row where the error is located directly from the ex file without the source code in the same folder.To prove this i generated an error.I created a buffer who can only load inside 100 elements in this case :double buff[100];.When the expert run he try to load in this buffer more than 100 elements in order to generate the “Array out of range” error.
In the first picture i put the error at line 108 column 10.The test is done after deleting the source file from the folder.

Attached Image (click to enlarge)

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now let’s move the error 2 spaces on the same line from column 10 to column 12 and guess what.

Attached Image (click to enlarge)

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To detect 2 empty spaces in the compiled code is impossible unless the terminal is not reading the source code inside the ex4 “compiled” code.
this is the folder without any source code in as tested.

Attached Image

this is the expert with error for who wants to test it.

Attached File

File Type: ex4Hedger.ex4   12 KB | 34 downloads

Under C++ if u compile 10 times the source code without doing any modification u will have 10 times the identical exe file…but the compiled ex4 file due to the polymorphic algorithm used for encryption keep changing his shape from a compilation to another.
These are 2 ex4 compilations without any modification in a 30 seconds range time.

Attached Image

Attached Image

Back in the day i used to program my algo into a dll and to inject it into MT4 in order to be undetected and to protect the code for being stolen, but then i realised that is a better solution to go outside and build my interface on a dedicated pc ,in a safe environment.Every software installed in a pc can give remote access to his programmer,MT4 can easily transform into a trojan.

I escaped from MT4Alcatraz a few time ago.Who’s next?

A PC will ALWAYS beat a HUMAN but a HUMAN with a PC will ALWAYS beat a PC.

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