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{quote} Hi JayRai, Thanks for sharing your alternative trading approach buddy. Can you confirm that data obtained from different souces is similar? I mean the levels, TP, SL and open time for the same banks match for BankersFX and eFXplus and some other for example. Can you confirm that such high rated and trust resources as Bloomberg, Reuters also publish such data on commercial basis? Can you provide some screenshots to prove the answers of the above questions? Does the data from BankersFX, eFXplus and other commercial sources differs much from…

The second link you posted, it says this :

Liquidity providers are represented by centralized marketplaces and a number of banks which continuously provide ask and bid prices on the market. The sentiment ratio of this group is opposite to liquidity consumers data because, for each trade executed through SWFX, there are two equal and offsetting over-the-counter transactions.

So my question is, which sentiment should we follow ? the Liquidity consumers or traders, or the sentiment of the Liquidity providers ? :-DD , my mind is blown up currently !!!

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