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Need your inputs on what valuable stats a trader must track in trading results.

Since there’s no TE for amp futures, I need to track this on my own. I’ve thought about using the paid journals (edgewonk, tradervue). However CQG only allow downloads for the day’s fills.

Signed up for fundseeder tracking. Since amp futures is not on the list for live tracking, I have to do manual daily net liquidating value. Most of the stats are just shitty only applicable to “fund managers”. The only good thing about it is that i can compare my performance with benchmark with other futures traders or the index performances.

I’m only concerned about $ net, $ risk, and $ cost.

So far I have:

1) gross $ pnl
2) comm/fees
3) net $ pnl

4) % of comm/$ gross pnl (this measures my efficiency in converting a profit for the day)
my grading (based on my average ATR targets)
>7%=Needs improvement

5) average $gain
6) average $loss
7) avg $ gain/loss ratio
8) highest $ gain/lowest $ loss
<1 = needs improvement
1-1.5 = C
1.5-2 = B
>2 = A

thanks to veefx who mentioned these stats in one of his posts. This actually allows me to track how trading income compares to my job income

8) avg trading hours
9) $/hour
10) $/8 hours (typical US workday)

so if you have any other stats that are useful please let me know so i can start tallying this on monthly basis

I trade so I can take your money away

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