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{quote} reject from S100. precise entry.

Hi Aziz, good day, I was busy with work the past few days and only found out today that you released v0.7 two days ago, THANK YOU and kudos!

I have been testing v0.6 the past week and the profit was $600 (CENTS), my personal feedback is that the “Timeframe for Entry/Exit” settings in v0.6 caused the EA to stop-loss the running trades too soon, however one thing good about v0.6 was the relatively low DD. All said, I am looking forward to test v0.7 starting today (not a great day to start since it’s end of the trading week, but heck, let’s put the EA through its paces).

Question regarding “use angle meter arrow as entry filter” and “use angle meter degrees as entry filter” settings, do you suggest we turn them ON or OFF?

Green pips everyone, and thank you once again, Aziz!


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