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Hello friends!
I am a commercial agent of a company that works in software for investments and that is creating trading robots since many years ago. We have recently created a new website designed for traders who want to be profitable in their intraday, swing or long term trading.
Our products offer a template to operate manually and channel Telegram for you to view or copy our operations, all free.
But what I am bringing here this robot is also available for free.

The name of the Expert Advisor is: Responsive R9

The Responsive R9 expert is an automatic software with individual orders, that is: without averaging and with a fixed lot (without martingale). It is a product focused on operating in trends, suffering only in sudden “V” turns. Each order takes its SL and TP, but can make group closures.
With this robot we give some sets that pass a Backtest of 12 years (2006-2017) with good results.
The studies are done with data that have a modeling quality of 99.9% tick to tick.

In order to enjoy this robot, you only have to register on our website and then open an account with a collaborating Broker. (We only work with serious and reputable brokers: London Capital Group and Admiral Markets Regulated in the FCA of UK).

If you make a DEMO account, use the Responsive R9 robot for 1 month Free
If you make a REAL account, they will be able to use the Responsive R9 robot, forever Free.

Responsive R9 can work in a small account of $1000 or $2000, and with a leverage of only 1:30.
In our studies, this robot produces very good results, with an average annual benefit of 33%, with a 10% Drawdown. But if you want, you can raise the risk of the account to get 100% a year, with a Drawdown of 30%.

You can do Backtest in your Demo or Real account, if you want to check what I say is true. You can create your Sets for Responsive R9, but our Sets have been optimized for Responsive R9 and this is what we recommend.


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Our website is in Spanish (from SPAIN), we are very sorry we could not do it in English.

The steps to obtain the Responsive R9 robot are the following:

Open our website:
Go to “Registration” and complete the registration form.
When you access “Login”, go to the “EXPERTOS” section and at the bottom of the page, click on one of our two collaborating Brokers to open a Demo or Real account. (Only valid if they open account with the Broker from the links on our website).
Go to the “DESCARGAS” section and download the “EXPERTO RESPONSIVE R9” robot. (The robot carries an EXE installer to facilitate the work, but if you want to manually put the EX4 files in the Experts, Indicators and Presets folders).
It’s over! You send us your trading account number, and we will activate it within a day.

Remember that you can use the Responsive R9 robot for a period of 1 month if the account is Demo, or without a time limit if your account is Real.
I attach the Statements of 12 years of our Sets and I leave a video of our optimization engineer doing BackTest to Responsive R9.

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Inserted Video

Thank you and enjoy it.

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