OldSchoolFX replies to: The Best Pivot Points Indicator Ever


{quote} Was the last sentence a question or a statement? I’m curious to know which broker you use.

Lol I apologize for my mistake, it really was a question. I forgot to include the question mark in the text. Would it be very complicated to adapt it ?. I understand that you are a person with enough programming knowledge, unlike me. I really do not know if you can talk about brokers on this site, at least I do not like it much but I’ll answer you: the one I’m currently using is pepperstone. ShiftHrs I have it always configured in 5 and for the time that I have been using it in my opinion it respects very well the supports and resistances daily.
I would be very grateful if you could make a version of WyattsPivots v2.0 adapted to these parameters since visually and especially the alerts I find it exceptional.


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