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I know there will be a lot of bashers coming in once this journal is posted online but I don’t care. If bashers come around and commenting different craps, I DON’T CARE for this is my journal with a live account. I have messy years in the past since 2015 until now. But I will try to take this career seriously by trying to develop a tiny investment into a possible 5 figure account. If I can’t make it this year, I will extend my limit until I will succeed.

We have different aspirations. I’m still lack of understanding in forex but in my own little way of knowing it, I know I will succeed one day. Proper discipline and patience are the two important factors to succeed to which I failed many times in the past months and years. As a matter of fact, I blew up account after account with my own money over the years. A couple of times, my buddy Jay Davis even donated me $60 bucks and still I blew it up in 3 weeks time.

There will be gurus who would stop by and throw their cents in this thread and I will only respond to those who are lifting me up but to those who are just stopping by to pin me down, I’ll tell you. I don’t have time for you. You are just equal to a book with totally crap content inside.

Others are fortunate enough to have substantial investments and having a thorough understanding over the years, good for you guys but don’t be a bully to those who are just starting up. I would appreciate good advises here but don’t recognize any form of sarcastic words. I know that there are high impact members here who are throwing sarcasm instead of sharing some brotherly wisdom. You can tell me who I am based on my TE here in FF. I don’t know if others accounts needs to be reactivated but you all can see that in my profile, it’s all public. Trying to apply the rules of PA, don’t even understand it fully but I will continue to read and explore and this tiny account will be a catalyst of either my success or failure by the end of this year. If it doesn’t work with this amount. I’ll try for another round and try for another round, of course I want to see the Risk involve to this adventurous journey in the forex world. I think, my best enemies here who commented in my profle will be stopping by as well to this thread and you are all welcome, your attidude speaks louder than your TE here in FF.

I would discourage any sarcastic words, bully, and other gross attitude into this thread but good advises, suggestions, encouragements, sharing of ideas and other related things to that are all welcome.

When you comment here, look this up. Post # 1

Let’s get it on.

The Past mistakes are your guides to provide you directions of the present.

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